Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a place for me to share!

Needed somewhere to catalog all of my lovely things. Crafting, sewing, building, making, and sometimes failing is the piece of my life where I regroup, and focus. If I haven't done something creative for some time, I get crazy, and start to lose myself. I'm not perfect, in fact, I TRY WAYYY too many things, and haven't perfected anything, but I love trying. I decided to make this blog to show off some of the things I make, to maybe inspire others, and also to sometimes share a pattern, or printable or two. Coming soon, 2 dress patterns FREE, and a mini tutorial. But for now, a quickie little printable. Saw this sign in a boutique but not really my style. So, I made it more "me", and here I am to share.

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