Friday, February 1, 2013

PR&P Love week!

Last minute I know! Like always, I waited till the last minute. I started this outfit in my head weeks ago!, but didn't actually physically start on it until yesterday morning! Finished right when the sun went down! That's why the photos are so yucky... Oh well, here you are. My love inspired outfit. I made this skirt with real pockets (my first time!) and a ton of topstitching. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this skirt! Seriously! I also made it with an adjustable waistband, (still first time) and my girly painted her shirt herself. Well, with my help. :)

Here's some taken this morning...


  1. Love that you involved your daughter in making the shirt!

  2. Nice job. Now you will be adding pockets to everything. Once I figured out how easy they are, I can barely make anything without them.